Sunday, July 22, 2007

WTF??? becomes new label.

Before I go into details regarding the title, I'd first like to mention that this time of the year is hot, humid, and unbearable. However, there is some good to this month. Namely, this is when mint blooms.

these perfect purple spikes are not only gorgeous, they also emit a very pleasant smell.

Now on to the weirdness.

A new organism has made its home in my succulent box. I have no idea what this is. I was watering my plants today and when I saw it, I dropped the watering can and said out loud, "what the fuck is this?" For in my box, I have found a happy herd of yellow peni.

Dear readers, please help me identify what this is. I haven't the faintest. Why are there dicks in our dirt?


Tigno323 said...

that penis plant might be magic mushrooms,yum,but becaureful

Anonymous said...

migth b magical mushrooms ,be careful tho

Garrett Sawyer said...

ah~! penisus dildongluh. LOL!

Those look to be like a type of fun-guy of small proportions.

Have no idea what it's real name is.