Thursday, July 5, 2007

waste no more: Biodegradable Pots

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From NPR's MarketWatch Friday April 20, 2007

A biodegradable flower pot (Ball Seed Co.)

Putting more green into pots

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A lot of us are in our gardens putting in flowers and other plants, and we end up with lots of non-recyclable plastic pots. But some growers are experimenting with greener alternatives. Janet Babin reports.

This is a good thing to listen to when you decide to start growing vegetables/other kinds of plants if you want to buy the plant rather than cultivate from seed.

Circle of Life is nice because they concentrate on being eco-friendly from pre-production all the way out of the store. Here is a link if you want to learn more about the Circle of Life Pots.
Unfortunately there is no retailer in California yet, but if you're in another state, or in some parts of Canada, you just might be lucky.

If you are really antsy to start using these great new pots and cannot get to Circle of Life, I have found another source. I have found biodegradable pots from Sean Conway's garden line at Target. Sean Conway is like Target's version of Martha Stewart.Here is his website.

As a last note, look to the right of the screen under links. I have posted a new link of a Rashaad, a friend of ours. He is working on creating sustainable communities within the Inland Empire.

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