Tuesday, March 25, 2008

On Recycling Plants: Gardens with a Minimal budget

So like I said in my last post, I will be experimenting with a veggie garden using a minimal or absent budget.

My new project begins with carrots. Try this out with organic veggies from a local farmer's market.

I've cut off the tops of delicious carrots and are now soaking them in a shallow dish of water. So far, the tops have sprouted into small devilish cute little greens!

I would show a picture here, but I am unfortunately without a USB cable.

Once auxiliary roots begin to grow, I will transplant them outside in my deep box, the same one I used last year. For instructions on making a box, go to this post:
Build A Box!!!

Another veggie I will try out next is a beet. Perhaps a regular bloody one or the golden variety. Either way, if I am successful, I will be able to enjoy the yummy greens in salads, sautees, or soufles. or in risottos.

A plant I wish I could afford right now is a dwarf orange or lemon tree. I would like to opt for a non-stunted variety, however I do live in an apartment without a yard.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

It's Just About Time! :)

It's just about time to begin the great growing process. Are you guys ready?

I usually can tell when i'm ready to grow when my mint comes back from the winter.

It's been a long winter, hasn't it? My thoughts go out to all those growing in snowy areas. Have you kept up mini gardens indoors? A kitchen herb garden in the livingroom? I wonder if any of you grow in the attic? Probably a good place to hibernate bulbs, huh?

What else have you guys been doing? In Riverside, we've been pretty lucky. I think the lowest temperatures we've had here was about 40 degrees F. Other than that, we've had good rainfall and sunny skies.

Has anyone else in southern california tried growing strawberries? The ones I planted at work were thriving, from what I've been hearing. Unfortunately, I have been laid off of my job like many other small town Californian residents. It's been pretty bad here, 3 other of my friends have also been laid off. To give you a rough estimate, I have a fistful of friends.

They have also substantially cut back on city arts budgets, in fact they hired a guy to basically turn down project proposals left and right. So this year, I think I will delve more into garden recycling and other low budget growing.

Another thing I just realized is how much my awesome-jawsome has grown. If you see my profile picture above, there is the same plant. In that picture, I believe the plant is only about 6 inches in height. Now, awesome jawsome is almost as tall as me, about 5 feet tall!!!!!

Remember how I told you it was about to flower? Well take a look!!

Also, ive been having some problems with mailing plants. I guess it could look suspiciously leaky, and also, worries about sending plants in different states. It is also so so so so expensive!

Please let me know, what will you grow this season? I'm so curious and could use some new ideas myself!

Also, I gave my good friend a tip about gardening for beginners. Don't fuss too much over your plants. Let them grow, and don't water them too much.

Any tips from you, readers?
till next time...

Love, Funtimehappygardenexplosion!