Tuesday, July 31, 2007

filler post: the wonderful world of trees

My love of plants first originated from my love of trees. Having no property of my own, I often dream of a day when I can grow a tree outside the confines of an apartment.

Currently, I have 3 trees; 2 palms and a silk floss tree (Chorisa Speciosa)vaguely related to the boabab. Vaguely. This tree was grown from a seed I had taken from a beautiful specimen located from the university I attended.

This is what I hope it will look like someday.


This is what it looks like. This is not my tree. My tree is a little bit older.


This is what I wish my tree to someday become.


Anyhow, I found this post in Neatorama, a blog about neat things
Take a look. You will be amazed.

Here is the link:10 Most Magnificent Trees in the World.

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