Friday, January 16, 2009

The Mobile Urban Garden

Here are some gardens on cars.

This first garden can be found in Los Angeles on Vine and Gregory in Hollywood.
There are few houses in this area, mostly apartment complexes which have little sun and little space.

I will continue to try to do some field research to find out who is the marvelous culprit behind this mobile garden.

This next garden is located within Burgamot Station in Santa Monica, CA. Burgamot Station is a cluster of contemporary art galleries.

This specific garden is made possible by a great organization called Farmlab. For more info about this multidisciplinary ball of greatness, please follow this link.

The really great thing about this garden is that it is lighted by these amazingly efficient LED lights that are solar powered.

I'm really digging this car-garden thing found in the motor-rampant city of Los Angeles. It really questions the idea of the urban landscape while reiterating the definition of LA's landscape as an artificial mess of cars and streets.

I also like how low-maintenance these gardens are by using low water consumption and drought resistant specimens.


Unknown said...

This is seriously a cool concept. It's a great way to get people interested in gardening!

wall art said...

Man.. it's a need idea at attempting to be green.. but boy does it look ugly.