Friday, January 30, 2009

The Secret Life Of Plants (1979)

Directed by Walon Green
Score by Stevie Wonder

Very interesting documentary. It discusses the possibility that plants can feel emotions. There are tons of cool experiments documented in this film. Whether you believe plants are sentient beings or not, I definitely recommend going out, finding it, and watching it with someone or by yourself. There is a fun retro feel, including British accent man narration, and the ever-so-nostalgic blue tint to the entire film.

Or better yet, watch it right here:

This movie spurned some great artistic experimentation, including this piece:

Jill plays brain wave music/video, in concert with six channels of plant music (The Secret Life of Plants)
This photo is taken from RadLab. You can read more about this piece and RadLab by clicking on either of these two sentences.


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