Saturday, September 22, 2007

Free plants by mail.

Here is the giveaway!

I am giving away the clones of this plant:

This plant likes full sun. good indoor plant during the cold season. Great velociraptor markings on outer parts of leaves. watch it clone as well! the edges of the leaves curl up and look like toothy jaws. in short- this plant is the species awesome jawsome.

Email me at with your address. i promise i am not a weirdo stalker. a PO box will work great too. postage free, especially if you send me something in return.

A note to alaska: please take advantage of this great offer. i know i can bike to your house, but a plant by mail is so much fun.

A note to eli: this will make a perfect pet for you and jessica.


lisa said...

I love the awesome jawsome name! I may want in on this....gotta see how much room there is after the houseplants come in from "summer camp" (seems they always bring new friends with them some how). Nice of you to offer!

MrBrownThumb said...

Oh Man.

I like Byros but once you have one you have it and thousands of others for life.