Thursday, September 13, 2007

sorry for the lapse

I have been greatly pressed for time lately. I have decided to take some life enriching classes at the community college. I also got in a bike wreck, completely my fault. i was being unsafe and silly. i have abrasions on my hands, lots of bruises, and a good shiner near my eye that will fetch me fifty points of street cred- wut wut?

i have been concentrating more on math, painting my kitchen, hanging out with good friends, letting the pavement kick my ass, and working on some art projects in the mean time. However, i promise to post something soon.

Usually when i have nothing to write about, i opt for the always good dinner recipes and the amazing link to something fantastic. keep in mind my left hand is throbbing with pain so it is hard for me to type. ok. here we go.

Amazing Dinner!!! Broccoli+Beets=<3

1. in a large skillet, brown some finely chopped garlic in some margarine.

2. throw in some florets of broccoli (one big tree) and a couple of diced beets.
you'll know when it's ready when the broccoli has shrunk and wilted. another good indication of it's readiness is when you burn the inside of your mouth with a good firm, but not hard, cube of delicious beet.

3. pour on some balsamic vinegar. about an eighth of a cup should do, depending on your taste.

4. drizzle on some extra virgen olive oil. and salt&pepper to taste.

serves 2-3.

Try this dish with some angel hair pasta. Or tortellini!

The reason why this is so good is because the broccoli florets soak up all the flavors. The beets add a subtle sweet taste and a divine color. This combination creates a very light late dinner, something that does not overwhelm. Try it with a shiraz. another perk to this dish is that it takes about 15-20 minutes to prepare start to finish.

Did i mention broccoli and beets are both amazing power foods exploding with vitamins?

oh yea, and the beet was once considered to be the devil's bleeding heart. how can you not like beets?

amazing link! architects from the Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG) design green homes that make me love

This one is my favorite, with some awesome pictures. a must see, i promise.
click here --> Dezeen


MrBrownThumb said...

I have a 2 year old nephew and he standing next to me when I was looking at your blog and when he saw the first house with the green roof he yelled "Teletubbies!" And you know what? It does look like a house from that kids show.

I like the spiraled design with the circles in the windows. Cool post.

Zut Alors said...

haha, that's so cute! little kids know a good thing when they see it.