Thursday, June 28, 2007

Our Battle with the Caterpillars is Finally Paying Off. Time to Celebrate Wth Food.

Organic Pesticides

Seems like we got things under control. We now know what to look for. The baby caterpillars like to hide in a shroud of silk oftimes in the small buds of young leaves. I have vigilently been scouring these buds with q-tips. I don't know how long it will take until I crack and start using pesticides.

There are some options, however. Ryan and I visited the local nursery which we strongly recommend to all local gardeners. If you are not from Riverside, I assure you, there will be at least one small mom-and-pop near you. Just search for them. Here is the address of our favorite gardening resource:

Parkview Nursery #1
3841 Jackson Street
Riverside, CA 92503
(951) 351-6900

Not only were the employees hip in their straw hats with the beaded neck strap, they were extremely helpful, knowledgeble, and friendly. They even told us to bring samples of our plighted plants so they could pin-point what the problems were.

Oh, but back to pesticides.

Parkview Nursey offers a pesticide solution for those who are wary of synthetic and harmful chemicals. Pharm Solutions Inc. provides an eco-friendly insect repeller using ingreedients such as peppermint oils, garlic oils, cinnamon, and other natural home-made remedies.

These bottles cost about $15 a pop- a little too much for us, but maybe not for you. The man at Parkview told us it works well and is true to its creed, however I tried to do a little digging myself. Unfortunately this product is still pretty new, and I have yet to find some reviews other than on the product's marketing site. Take a look for yourself. Pharm Soulutions Inc.

If you are like us, and would like to make your own remedy, these insect repellers work because of the waxy oils. Some people just mix soap and water into a solution to spray the plants. The waxy coat halts the mastication of little caterpillars and aphids. The cinamon, garlic, peppermint, etc oils leave a nasty taste in the critter's mouths. And there you have it. Simple solution. But remember: if you're in a warm climate like we are, put off the spraying until the strongest heat of the day is over. Avoid spraying in the morning. These oils will bake your leaves and your plants will perish with the bugs.


After weeks of grueling hand picking, It seems the caterpillars are letting up. Here is our first cherry tomato.

and here is our first eggplant flower. look how purple it is.
doesn't it look like a vampire squid?

eggplant flower

vampire squid

Recipe #1: Meditarrean 'Malgamation


Cucumbers Garbanzo Beans Green Onions
Romaine Hearts Pita Bread Veggie Soy Dogs
BowTie Pasta Extra Virgen Olive Oil Balsamic Vinegar

Also: Sugar, Cayenne Peper, Salt, Black Peper to taste.

Step 1-
Salad: Cut up tomatoes and cucumbers. Place in bowl and put a little olive oil and balsamic vinegar. Put a pinch of brown sugar in there and mix it good. By pinch, I mean a very- very small amount. Pour in your garbanzoes and spice up (salt, peper, cayenne) for taste. If you are using canned garbanzoes, these are usually a little salty, so taste it before you put more salt.
Step 2-
Pasta: Boil Pasta. Boil sliced Soy Dogs. Dice up the bell pepers and slice green onions. Once the pasta is done, drain and drizzle in olive oil. Dump the sliced dogs on top and pour on the bell peppers and green onions.
Step 3-
Put it together: Get two romain leaves, put them on a plate, and spoon some salad in one, and some pasta on the other. Get pita bread and enjoy!

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