Friday, June 29, 2007

Urban Steali- I mean Foraging #1

I decided to do laundry today. And like any person with a boyfriend, I asked Ryan to help me carry stuff into the laundry room. That was my mistake #1. He noticed a little tree on the other side of the fence. It had peaches on it.

"Hey caroline, look!"
He ran away and later I spied him loitering around the wall. He had brought something to help him define the situation.

Moments later he disappeared and I was forced to burden the heavy laundry basket back to the apartment alone.

When I walked in the door, Ryan had already started making his contraption.

I would post up the directions on how to make an urban forager, but I don't think this particular contraption needs any kind of explaining. But I'll just tell you it's made out of a broom, a yard stick, a plastic bag and a paper grocery bag, and lots of masking tape. Oh, and plastic coat hangers.

Ryan finished quickly. He tried to move as quickly as he could when he saw I was equiped with a camera.

Look at him run.

I walked back to the laundry room and sure enough...

If you really want to know how Ryan built his contraption, here is a close up:

There will be more urban foraging in the future. Like this one, I will try to take good pictures. Ryan will be working on a google map with a lot of public edible plants so you can forage for yourself.


elziav said...

That's adorable. It is like a little story book. :)

elizabeth v

Helen said...

Ryan is so bad!
Caroline, once you date criminals, there is no turning back.