Monday, May 5, 2008

Fun Time Happy Explosion! : Propagation by popping

This is a delight!

I had no idea this could happen.

Take a look at those little seed pods.
The other day, I pet this guy on my way out. It started popping like crazy. I thought it was a bug infestation and got scared.

A week later, I came back out and tried it again. This time, I was delighted that I was wrong.

The plant produces seed pods in which the seeds incubate over time. This swells the pods and its contents are under pressure! Once touched, the seeds EXPLODE out of the capsules and shoot off in every direction. This is so the plant can spread out as far as she can.



Wicked Gardener said...

What kind of plant is that? My impatiens do that, and I love popping them. Just like bubble wrap!!

lisa said...

That's awesome!

rebrigz said...

i seriously went out in my back yard and poked all our clover patches :)