Monday, December 3, 2007


I am sorry for such a long hiatus. I have been in the middle of trying research. Also, my plants have all suffered from the winds, the brief flood, and now the dry winds again. Along with spidermites! >:(

So I have been forced to put my garden to the back-burner.

In all apologies, here is a little story from me to you.

Enjoy and happy holidays.



Helen said...

Fahny, pama baby...!

vergelimbo said...

I've got a few tumbleweeds in my neighborhood, and I've even seen one working out at the local Y. Do they all speak with British accents, or did I encounter a rare limey species?

I am busy doing my own research on Wheatgrass. Very exciting [and tastey] Powerful energy boost and mood raising benefits.

Check out my most recent "Green Idea of the Week"

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear your garden has been suffering! I just popped in to thank you for adding me to your blog roll, I am very flattered.

By the way, I think tumbleweed is ace - loved the chest wig one! I picked a couple of bits up on a road trip across the States and took them back to my sister-in-law, who had never seen it!

Best wishes for a fine and dandy 2008.

Mrs L Carrot

PS many apologies if I've duplicated this... the first time, strange things happened! ;-)

Wicked Gardener said...

I LOVE your blog. I will link to your site and will patiently check it often, looking for new posts. I might stalk you a little, if you don’t mind. I’ll try to rip off your cute little cutout people in the plants. Please post again soon! I miss you already. (Seriously, I’m not insane, just trying to be funny. I live for blogs like yours!)

Sue Swift said...

Hey, I'm a Brit and I don't even know what a tumbleweed is. There was me thinking this was some strange US phenomenon. By the looks of them though they just about sum up what I feel about life sometimes, so maybe there is a link ...

Just wanted to let everyone know that we're now gearing up for round 2 of the Garden Bloggers' Carnival - a bit different this time, in that I'm asking people to nominate a post from another person's blog. Full details on my blog today (Jan 3rd). I hope you'll participate again FTHG, like you did last time. And of course, if anyone else reads this, please join in!


lisa said... post...BTW, how can you tell if YOU are the tumbleweed? I think I may be one....great to see you back in the blogosphere!

Julie said...

We don't have tumbleweeds in Florida...but I love your shorts on the subject! LOL.