Sunday, October 7, 2007

it is windy and i am sad

Disaster has struck in my garden.
Poor plants, ripped apart and broken from the stems.

my nose is in a constant leak from all the blowing allergens.

i have a theory that it is mostly cat dander, blowing around into my nose.
riverside is a working class town, and with little room in an apartment dwelling town, cats are easy and cheaper to maintain than a dog.

cats are more self sustainable than the needy dog, and my eyeball sockets are oozing mucus.

i'll try to post some pictures of my fallen friends later.

how are all of your plants doing?


Katie said...

My side yard is like a wind tunnel so my lettuce and radishes are struggling, knocked down by the constant wind we seem to be having here in NorCal.

Plus allergies suck. I'm with you there.

Looking forward to pictures.

vergelimbo said...

"Plants ripped apart and broken from the stems"- what the $#$%^ happened?

I have suffered devastation as well-either rabbits or ground hogs. Broccoli and cauliflower razed to the ground, carrots dug up and shredded. I just built a new fence-and crossed my fingers.

Great list on what you can still plant by the way. I have many of them in the ground but would really like to try the sputnukian Kohlrabi

lisa said...

Sorry to hear about your calamity! My plants are doing great-dying back for fall with some resurgence due to awesome, better-late-than-never rains. Cooler temps are on the way, though....time to bring in the houseplants before frost.