Friday, August 24, 2007

I've got a bike you can try it if you like

I usually ride my bike around town. Its the most efficient way to get around, and it's sooooooo much fun.
Look smart as you steer those streets.

The biggest argument about riding you bike is that it's too hot. Not true. Because the bicycle is so efficient, you are using up less energy than walking. With the steady stream of wind in your locks, it is as if mother nature has her AC on.

Go to the market. Go to the library. Go to work. Go throw your seed bombs into empty lots. Go get drunk. Yes, you can also ride your bike to the local pub. It's fun to bike tipsy, I swear. Fun time happy time.

Oh, so you want a bike? Very well. Here are your options:

Mountain Bike

These bikes are super fancy. They have nice breaks, nice shocks (do you need crazy shocks like these?), super fatty tires with which you can over-run a mole with sharp teeth. If you're commuting around town, this might not be so necessary.

Hybrid Bike

These bikes are a hybrid of the mountain bike and the road bike. This is very suitable for commuting around for the local grocer, etc. They are comfy, have gears for city slopes, and are very practical. The best thing about these is the upright seating position.

Road Bike

These bikes are the ones with the super skinny tires. This bike will zip you to your destination. They are fun, fast, sleek and wonderful. But careful when you see glass on the street. And road bikes are just for roads. No dirt, bumpy terrain, especially no gravel. Stick a rack on the back, and you're set to go. Zoom past cars on the street, smooth riding to the bar. Con: you better know how to fix a flat, you're going to be bent over while you ride.

Little BMX bikes

These bikes look like your 8 year old little brother's bike. They take 50 pedal rotations to move a wheel 3.14 feet. Not so awesome, but your street cred will skyrocket with the 14 year olds down the block.


lisa said...

Go Kermy go! I like the way you think...wish I was in shape enough to ride the 54 miles each way to my job, however....That's okay, maybe after sucessful completion of my "adipose liquidation campaign"....hopefully.

Unknown said...

I got one of those "hybrid" bikes i took to work before it got too hot (~110 deg)...gotta say they are pretty comfy and get you around fast

:)Ibti said...

I'm glad to encounter a fellow muppet lover. Bear left! Right frog!

And don't forget touring bikes for longer trips. (Kind of in the front of my mind as I am looking for one at the moment....)

Nate said...

You're pretty much a douche, this looks like the guide that a person with down syndrome would write on their Leapfrog Typewriter. and really, your perception on each one of these bikes is incorrect they are all for purposes which you have not listed.

Anonymous said...

you a bit silly. clearly the bmx bike you pictured was a generic brand boring bike, the kind an eight year old might use. but in the interest of sticking up for my culture please do some proper research and check out wethepeople bikes!!! they are beautiful, and yes they are bmx bikes, i would also like to question your " 50 pedal rotations to move a wheel 3" statement, look at the hybrid bike then look at the bmx. wow i guess you have realised that they are both the same sized tooth sprockets and drivers!!!

Zut Alors said...

dear nate, I do admit I might not know as much about bikes as you do. However, I am an advocate of riding bikes. I am happy to invite you to write a post about bikes as a guest poster, will you please? It would be much appreciated. I think this blog could definitely use a good informative introductory post.

love, funtimehappygardenexplosion

Zut Alors said...

ps, i would love to have an old leapfrog.